AdattoMobile is a tablet app designed to improve your and your agents' work.

AdattoMobile does not require an internet connection, thus ensuring its functionality in any place and situation.

Provide your agents with a product catalog complete with images, videos and technical data sheets in the palm of your hand.

AdattoMobile is not just a catalog. Your agents can fill in commission copies and quotes by choosing the products directly on the tablet, thus having prices and availability always updated.

Once the compilation is complete, or when an internet connection is available, the agents will be able to automatically send the completed documents to the ADATTO management system and to the customer.

With AdattoMobile you can have:

  • Illustrated product catalog
  • Consultation of technical sheets
  • Differentiated price lists
  • Agreed prices
  • Discounts for quantities
  • Availability consultation
  • Compilation fulfills commission
  • Compilation of estimates
  • Data synchronization with the company management system