The peculiarities of our solution are: completeness and modularity, as it integrates at will with the many software modules available, including Tax and Analytical Accounting, Collections and Payments, Payment Reminders, Warehouse / s, Statistics etc.

Telematizing reduces costs and simplifies the relationship with the financial administration.

Elimination of formal compilation errors

the system only records formally correct declarations and reports inconsistencies

Since the various units of measurement used (Liters, Kg, etc.) and their relative proportions are controlled, we have a better quality of the data communicated and greater control.

ADATTO meets the management and fiscal needs of activities for commercial fuel, oil and gas depots.
It is the complete software for the management of excise duties in Accompanying Documents.
Our solution integrates perfectly with the many software modules available.
From 1 October 2020 it will be mandatory to issue the electronic DAS (e-DAS) for the circulation of petrol and diesel fuel subject to excise duty and used as fuel,
provided for by the consolidated excise text referred to in legislative decree no. 504
This functionality is already integrated in the ADATTO sales documents.

Telematization of excise duties

ADATTO offers an automated management of the issuing and receiving processes of traditional DAS and electronic DAS (e-DAS).
and cases of cancellation and change of destination.

These managements refer

DE815 - "Electronic DAS Draft", sent by the sending party of the goods
DE810 - “Electronic DAS cancellation”, sent by the sender of the goods
DE818 - "Receipt report", sent by the recipient of the goods
DE813 - “Change of destination”, sent by the sender

Once the outcome of the sending has been received, by receiving an XML file, complete with SRC code and QRcode, it is possible to print the e-DAS for the transporter in paper form.

Prints and Reports

These documents are managed by ADATTO which takes care of their flow and printing.

A quantity of printouts have been foreseen such as to be able to satisfy every need, from the customer registry lists and relative locations of the thermal power plants, to the loading and unloading registers, the loading and unloading registers (fall-back), the list of the reduction of excise duty with totals.
Consequently we can invoice the various DAS or DT of oils, issue the invoices, the related RB or other payments.

LPG tank rental

All types of LPG gas supply are also managed with tanks on loan for use (rental).
This management allows the control of the various tanks, their location, contract expiration and relative automatic periodic invoicing.

Fulfillment of daily, monthly and annual obligations

In particular, it satisfies companies that have the obligation of daily, monthly and annual electronic declaration of excise duties for the energy sector but not only.

It is also possible to import the movement of energy products from other management systems to be able to carry out the subsequent telematization.