Adatto E-Commerce the simple and effective solution for electronic commerce.

Fully interfaced with the ADATTO management software

The software is adaptable to all e-commerce projects thanks to the availability of multiple integrated and expandable functions.


Thanks to the collaboration with Suitable Informatica you can completely customize your e-commerce both in terms of the graphic aspect and the functionalities.


The platform we use is multilingual, thus allowing you to open a successful e-shop regardless of country.

Integration with social networks

You can involve new and old customers to make your e-commerce known by integrating it with the most famous social networks.


Thanks to the interface created by Suitable Informatica your e-commerce will no longer be an entity in its own right but will be completely synchronized with your ADATTO management software.
The tool we have created allows you to synchronize: customers, categories, producers, products, stocks, prices and orders.

Customer Synchronization

Your e-commerce can be configured as both B2B and B2C. in the case of B2B you can code your customers on the ADATTO management system and enable their export to the e-commerce, thus creating the user for your customer. In the case of B2C, new customers registered on e-commerce will be automatically coded on your management system upon receipt of the first order.

Categories Synchronization

Define the structure of your product categories directly in the ERP, with an easy and intuitive interface. You can thus combine your products in no time.

Manufacturers Synchronization

Create your producers archive in the ADATTO management software, also combining their logo, the synchronization procedure will take care of keeping them updated on your e-commerce.

Product Synchronization

Thanks to the work carried out by Suitable Informatica you will be able to expand your articles database present on the management system by completing it with all the data required for the creation of a good e-commerce: complete and detailed description, accessories list, youtube video, combination of multiple categories, images, technical sheets in pdf format and so on.

Stock synchronization

The ADATTO software allows the updating of the stocks of each single product practically in real time, thus avoiding receiving orders for material that is no longer available.

Price Synchronization

In addition to keeping the public list price updated, the ADATTO software allows you to manage dedicated price lists for groups of customers or for individual customers. In this way, if you wish, your customer will be charged the same prices both on e-commerce and in your real store.

Order Synchronization

All orders received on your e-commerce are automatically imported into the management software, thus simplifying the processing of the same. The status of the order on e-commerce is automatically updated based on the operations carried out on the management system.

Controls and Statistics

With updated data on the management system you can analyze and increase your turnover. You can keep traffic and purchases under control thanks to advanced statistics. With statistics you can measure the performance and margins of your sales.

We help you

Our technicians will be able to help you to choose the right strategy to adopt.
They will be able to advise you in choosing and managing: the domain name, the photos and cards to match, the categorization of your products, the type of graphics to adopt, how to be found and content for search engines, invest wisely in Advertising digital, share on social networks.